Plywood Modular Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Material: Plywood

Plywood is essentially an artificial material (or designed wood) created by gluing layers and layers of skinny wood (or wood veneers) into one sheet or board.

It’s out there in several thicknesses and is stable in nature.

It will be more coated with laminate, wood veneer or thermofoil for a smoother finish and for higher protection against termites and wetness.

Advantages of using Plywood for Modular Kitchens

  1. Plywood is less prone to damage by moisture or water — making it a great fit for Indian kitchens.

  2. Because of the way it is bonded (ie, with the grains running against one another), it doesn’t shrink, crack or warp. Hence, it is highly durable, too.

  3. It is stronger than all other engineered woods, and can better hold heavy weight.

  4. It is also lighter than other boards, and is, therefore, a great option for hanging or wall cabinets.

People are often confused about the plywood that needs to be chosen for modular kitchens. A very commonly asked question is that which plywood is best for standard kitchens ?

Since kitchen cupboards are likely to get wet and being exposed to steam, take Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) ply, rather than industrial plywood.